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“The Science and the Buddhism of the Universe” Lecture at DTU

“How do we look at the Universe in terms of science and Buddhism?” was the title of a lecture given by Dr. Nguyen Tuong Bach at DTU on December 26th. The lecture captured the attention of many DTU lecturers and staff.
Dr. Nguyen Tuong Bach delivers his lecture
After studying and working abroad for more than 50 years, Dr. Nguyen Tuong Bach returned to Vietnam. He is a physicist, businessman and translator. Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, showed expressed his deep respect of Dr. Nguyen Tuong Bach for his brilliant career and achievements. He said: “Living in the modern world, we keep looking to the future to find out what Vietnam will be like thirty years from now. We appreciate the research that has been conducted by scientists worldwide which has become solid foundation for us to understand the past the present and what to expect in the future. With this information we can become more aware of the issues we need to focus on to improve our lives. What Dr. Nguyen Tuong Bach has talked about will help us to plan ways of fulfilling our dreams.”
DTU lecturers and students
The secrets of nature cannot be explained simplistically. Dr. Bach presented new and interesting research projects in this field.  It was an enjoyable and helpful lecture which gave us an idea of how to view the Universe more objectively.
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