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The Opening of the X19 e-Learning Course

On December 22nd, DTU held the opening of the X19 e-learning program course. Attendees included Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, the DTU Provost and President, lecturers, staff and X19 students.
In 2008, the Ministry of Education and Training authorized the addition of e-learning courses at DTU, which has now become one of fourteen universities and only one of two private universities offering such programs. Compared to traditional methods of education, DTU has introduced advanced education programs to help students to study with more flexibility. In particular, DTU has applied 3D technology in e-learning courses to create a more realistic and creative learning environment for students.

 Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh addresses at the meeting
In his address, Vice-Provost Nguyen Ngoc Minh said: “DTU is proud to be one of the leading universities to apply advanced, modern technology in education. We are producing 3D documentary films and models for use in various fields of study. In their e-learning courses, students will practice, do exercises and interact in virtual space through the Second Life game, to gain experience and learn new skills”. Professor Minh advised students to take their studies seriously, to persevere and complete the course.

Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co awards course materials to X19 students

At the opening, Mr. Le Van Chung, Director of e-University Center, welcomed 191 students to the X19 course, including 63 students from Business Administration, 50 from Accounting, 38 from IT, 25 from Civil Engineering and 15 from Banking. Representing the Board of Provosts, Distinguished teacher Le Cong Co presented course materials to X19 students.
To help students understand more about e-Learning, Mr. Le Van Chung presented details of the course, how to use the e-learning system, how to practice the Second Life game and how to employ effective learning methods.
Many students believe that e-learning at DTU meets their needs and expectations to improve their studying and skills. Nguyen Van Linh Nguyen, majoring in Accounting, said: “DTU’s advanced e-learning courses are very high-standard. They help us to study better and to improve our career prospects. What’s more, the course meets the needs of students with full-time jobs because it is flexible and economical.”
By developing these e-learning programs, DTU has given students the opportunity to improve their study environment and ultimately contribute to the supply of highly-qualified workers in Central Vietnam and elsewhere.

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