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DTU Holds an Introductory Telemedicine Workshop

Because of the rapid evolution of remote Telemedicine applications, universities that teach Medicine and Pharmacy courses must now incorporate this topic in their training programs. The DTU Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, in collaboration with DTU Center for Research and Development, organized an introductory Telemedicine workshop on September 5th. Attendees included many international Vietnamese professors, scientists and DTU faculty. 
Professor Tony Vuong introduces Telemedicine concepts
Professor Tony Vuong, Chairman of the Board of the Cong Nghe Tuc Thoi Company, introduced Telemedicine, a health care service software application. Telemedicine allows patients in distant locations to remotely access medical support that was previously unavailable in rural locations in Vietnam. Telemedicine conveniently provides reliable and convenient communications between hospitals and health centers, patients and medical staff, including health checks and clinical consulting via the Internet.
Professor Vuong said: “Using Telemedicine decreases travel times and shortens hospital stays. It improves the quality of clinical treatment, especially at hospital and health centers in remote areas and lowers costs. Telemedicine application has become vital in university health education. DTU is a pioneer in the incorporation of new technologies into training curricula. The adoption of the Telemedicine technology will help lecturers and students to share medical information electronically  and improve the skills of students of the Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty.”
IT applications in Medicine and Pharmacy were openly discussed during the workshop. Professor Le Van Hoa, Director of the DTU Graduate School said: “Information Technology plays an important role in modern life and medicine and health are major public concerns. Their effective integration will certainly be highly beneficial.”
Dr. Pham Nguyen Cam Thach, Dean of the DTU Medicine Faculty said: “The Vietnamese IT business has been developing rapidly; however, IT applications in Medicine are few. So training of the Telemedicine application will present a good opportunity for students to access and apply advanced technologies quickly in the development of Medicine and Pharmacy in Vietnam.”
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