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Pharmacist Training Seminar at DTU

On the afternoon June 20th, the Faculty of Pharmacy of Duy Tan University held a training seminar for pharmacists. Associate Professor Dr. Le Van Truyen, a former Deputy Minister of Health, talked about the state of the pharmaceutical industry today and encouraged DTU to train pharmacists to provide a higher-quality local workers.
  Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh talks about DTU’s achievements 

At the seminar, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost, summarized the achievements of the university over the past 19 years. He also explained the role of the Faculty of Pharmacy. "Currently, we have more than 600 students. In order to improve the quality of education, DTU has collaborated on student internships with several local hospitals. In addition, we have worked with universities nationwide to invite experts to teach here. In these ways we can help students study Pharmacy at DTU and graduate highly-skilled."

After reviewing these achievements, Associate Professor Dr. Le Van Truyen congratulated the faculty staff and teachers and suggested ways to promote the development of the Pharmacy Faculty in the future. With over 50 years in leadership roles in the industry, in both business and teaching, he was very enthusiastic about supporting the training of clinical pharmacists. He believes that DTU must further strengthen their foreign connections in order to produce more knowledgeable and skilled graduates. 

Associate Professor Dr. Le Van Truyen said: "Nowadays, society needs clinical pharmacists in pharmacies, hospitals, businesses and local health centers. If DTU can successfully train clinical pharmacists, it will be a giant step for the community. With my 19 years of experience in training and investment in the development of the pharmaceutical industry, I believe that DTU can succeed."

At the seminar, he answered many questions from the DTU staff and instructors. This built up their confidence in building a strong faculty, able to provide the well-qualified resources that meet the standards our community.

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