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The 2nd DTU Graduation Ceremony

DTU held a Graduation Ceremony at the Quang Trung campus from June 7th to 9th. Attendees included the Board of Provosts, lecturers from all faculties and graduating students.

 Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co speaks at the Graduation Ceremony 

Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co addressed the Graduation Ceremony: "DTU has gained more and more trust from the community during our 19 years of development. This success has resulted from the hard work of both lecturers and students. In order to improve quality even further, DTU will continue to seek partnerships with universities in developed countries to provide our students with a truly international education. The purpose of our university is to graduate students who can contribute to our national development. We hope that they will learn how to combine their current skills and future job experience to better themselves and society."

Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, Vice-Provost of DTU sent his congratulations to the new graduates: "Four school years have quickly passed and today you have become new graduates. After this ceremony, you will begin a new life. There will be many difficulties and challenges on the way, but I believe you will overcome them all with the knowledge you have gained at DTU”.


New graduates at the ceremony
Mr. Le Hoang Tung, Executive Director of the Enclave Software Technology Company acknowledged the capability of DTU students during their internships at his company over the past few years."I never worry anymore when DTU students intern at our company. Their passion and desire to conquer and explore new challenges in learning have led me believe that they will find excellent jobs on graduation. In addition to providing them with a sound academic education, DTU has also focused on teaching them English and improving their soft skills. I therefore believe that DTU is able to provide highly-qualified resources to the local workplace", he stated.
With the guidance of their lecturers, DTU students always try to learn more and hone their skills. Many have won major awards and now hold key positions in business nationally. On behalf of all the new graduates, Ms. Phan Nguyen Anh, from Faculty of Business Administration, said: "Today we are jubilant to receive our Bachelor degrees and go confidently into the future, armed with solid knowledge and experience. No matter where we go, we will always dearly remember Duy Tan University and the dreams we had there about the future."

The Graduation Ceremony ended with the unforgettable emotion of the graduates and the happiness of their parents. The beautiful flowers and best wishes from family, teachers and friends will encourage them to succeed in the future.

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