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A Modern, Well-Equipped Dormitory for DTU Students

A stable living environment provides a foundation for personal improvement. On May 24th, DTU and the 579 Company signed an agreement to provide a dormitory with 3,000 beds for DTU students in the new academic year 2013-2014. An agreement has been approved by the Danang People’s Committee to collaborate on the management and use of the dormitories.
The signing ceremony included Mr. Tran Quoc Hung, General Manager of the STT Company, Mr. Tran Duc Vinh, Manager of the Danang DMC-579 Dormitory, Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice-Provost and DTU lecturers and students.  
Mr. Tran Duc Vinh talks about the dormitory
On behalf of the Dormitory Management Board, Mr. Tran Duc Vinh provided detailed information about the design and services at the dormitory. “We resolved to complete building of the dormitory by the 2013-2014 academic year, as a way to ease the concerns of parents and to help poorer students to have stable and safe accommodation.  A building with 3,000 beds will become available. This demonstrates the support of the Danang People’s Committee and the DTU Dormitory Management Board to provide students with a better study environment. Students will be able to participate in community activities, internships and career opportunities offered by companies collaborating with the dormitory. We hope to maintain a long-term partnership to provide the best services to DTU”, said Mr. Tran Duc Vinh.
The signing ceremony between DTU and the Danang 579-STT Company
The DMC-579 Danang Dormitory is the first one in Danang. It will cover an area of 25,358 sq. meters, with a total budget of 160 billion VND, provided by the government to improve local housing. The project was funded by the Danang People’s Committee and the 579 Investment and Building Company (CECICO 579) and is managed by the Duc Manh Company (DMC) to house local students.
Duy Tan University is one of the leading universities in Danang and the biggest private university in the Central Region, with an enrollment of 20,000 students. Annually DTU enrolls about 5,000 students from all over the country. Most of the DTU campuses are located in the heart of Danang which has been convenient for students for their studies and extra-curricula activities. However, the increasing number of DTU students has now exceeded the amount of local accommodation available. Consequently, the agreement to provide housing for DTU students in an inexpensive dormitory will help improve student living conditions and particularly assist the neediest DTU students.  
The Danang DMC-579 Dormitory

Dr. Vo Thanh Hai said: “DTU is not only concerned with supplying a highly-qualified workforce to the local community but also cares about the living standards of our students. Many of them are from the countryside, so they have experienced many difficulties pursuing their studies in a big city. Safe, convenient housing at a very affordable cost will ease their concerns and allow them to focus more on their work. We provide them with more details and encourage them to live in the dormitory when it opens later this year”.

Le Thi Thuy Van, a student from K17 QTH2 added:  “I feel very happy that there will be a new, inexpensive dormitory opening in the new academic year. This is such good news for those currently renting housing like me. I will apply to live there”.

Dr. Vo Thanh Hai and Mr. Tran Quoc Hung also officially discussed and signed the terms of the mutual collaboration agreement, with the goal of providing the best living environment for DTU students at the DMC-579 Dormitory in the new academic year.  

The DMC-579 Dormitories, with two other branches in Lien Chieu and Ngu Hanh Son provinces, are highly-ranked modern dormitories with 5-floor blocks, roads, lighting, flower gardens, trees, libraries, sports grounds, entertainment areas, bus stops and so on. The dormitories allow students to improve their living and study conditions. Together with the advantage of living and studying in a better environment, DTU students will feel more secure. They will also have opportunities to participate in social work and find jobs through activities taking place in the dormitories.

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