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DTU Conference on “Positive Life-Styles in Modern Times”

The evolving life-styles in our fast-growing society have been the reason why many people are losing their traditional ethical values. New concepts, such as living together before marriage, fast-paced life-styles and so on, have become pervasive in recent years. However, people have not forgotten the real meaning of life and positive life-styles. That was the purpose of the conference “Positive Life-Styles in Modern Times”, held at DTU on April 23rd. The conference opened with fifteen different discussion topics for discussion. Most of the opinions of researchers and DTU lecturers focused on the deep importance of this issue in our modern society.
Dr. Nguyen Xuan Huong gives her opinion at the conference

Dr. Nguyen Xuan Huong, Dean of DTU Department of Social Science said: “Human-beings are well aware of their responsibilities in maintaining good social values. We should teach our students about humanity by defining the ethical behavior required to be successfull in the future. The objective of universities should be to graduate ethical, highly-qualified experts in technology, foreign languages and logical thinking into the local community”

Most of the opinions proposed definitions of positive life-styles, such as living and complying within the law, maintaining reputation and avoiding corruption in business, being self-critical and conscious of responsibilities to the community and acceptable ways of living positively. Strong and realistic examples could become the foundation for suggestions and solutions in the study of humanity at universities.

Mr. Phan Ngoc Thu shares his opinion at the conference

Mr. Phan Ngoc Thu, DTU Vice-Provost, said: “In social science, most of the concepts about human beings are open for discussion. None of us are perfect or immortal, but we should be aware of how to improve ourselves to live better lives. We all know how to live positively and how to adjust our behavior accordingly, so that we can contribute to an equal and humanitarian society for all. At academic institutes, it is essential to maintain positive life styles. Our devotion and dedication to teaching will be the foundation on which we can build the ideal study environment and good examples for the students to follow”.

In 2013, DTU launched a writing contest “Positive Life-Styles - Teenagers” for students, with the aim of examining their feelings and viewpoints. With the motto: “Teaching and Research on the foundation of Humanity”, DTU will host more activities and events to examine innovative teaching methods in the humanitarian education of the younger generation.  
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