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DTU Students Excel in the XXI National Student Mathematics Olympiad

A potpourri of songs entitled "Hue-Saigon-Hanoi" was performed by DTU students to celebrate the prize-giving and closing ceremony of the XXI National Student Mathematics Olympiad, held at the Trung Vuong Theatre on the morning of April 13th. All contestants worked closely together over the course of a week and will always remember the wonderful moments of the closing ceremony.
Attendees included Associate Professor Tran Quang Quy, the MOET Deputy-Minister, Mr. Phung Tan Viet, Deputy-Chairman of the Danang People's Committee, Mr. Le Van Ri, the Director of the Center for Teenagers of the Central Region, Associate Professor Le Tuan Hoa, President of the Vietnam Mathematical Society, Distinguished Teacher Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU President and Acting-Provost, representatives of government agencies, the media and many teachers and student contestants. 
Associate Professor Tran Quang Quy delivers a speech at the closing ceremony
The XXI National Student Mathematics Olympiad, organized by DTU, bore the hallmarks of honor and respect. Not only did DTU successfully host the 2013 contest with the highest number of contestants and universities ever, but was also the first private university to host such a national educational event. DTU’s professional management of the event was highly appreciated by MOET and other colleges and universities around the country. With their skill, competitiveness and confidence, DTU students did well. Nguyen Quang Hung came first in Analytics, Pham Nam Ngoc won the second prize in Algebra, and Pham Quang Trung and Tran Quynn Nga won third prizes. They were very proud of the fact that the DTU faculty and students had worked so closely together to achieve such strong results.
So the XXI National Student Mathematics Olympiad was deemed to be a great success by all and clearly demonstrated the high quality of the students, who received a variety of big prizes. The organizers awarded five special prizes to contestants with the highest points and the best answers. There were 57 first-prizes, with 28 awarded for Algebra and 29 for Analytics, 117 second-prizes, with 62 awarded for Algebra and 55 for Analytics and 150 third-prizes, 70 for Algebra and 80 for Analytics. Contestants scored high average points of 29.5 points for Algebra and 26.5 for Analytics.
Associate Professor Nguyen Huu Du and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co award Certificates of Merit to the winners
Associate Professor Nguyen Huu Du, General Secretary of Vietnam Mathematical Society said:" After one week of competition at the biggest ever Mathematics Olympiad, participants have proved their skill and passion for mathematics. I do admire the contestants who came first in Analytics and Algebra for their interesting and original answers. More than ever, I expect you all to realize the importance of mathematics, and passionately continue your studies and research, in order to become future scientists and contribute to the country's development. The XXI National Student Mathematics Olympiad hosted by DTU was successful. I would like to thank MOET, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association, the Vietnamese Student Association, the relevant agencies in Danang and DTU for your enthusiasm and determination to make this a successful event. I would especially like to thank lecturers at colleges and universities all over the country for inspiring the contestants with their passion and encouraging them to do their best".
On behalf of DTU, Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost said:"As the host, DTU has made great efforts to ensure that everything has been carried out effectively. Vietnam is developing in many areas. However, education is still an issue and needs to be reformed. With new policies and support from the government and other agencies, the field of mathematics is strengthening gradually. Vietnamese citizens have won many international awards in mathematics. Recently, the Fields Prize was won by Professor Le Bao Chau. All this has aroused and inspired our mathematicians to win many other major awards. DTU’s success in hosting the XXI National Student Mathematics Olympiad will motivate them to organize many more educational events, both national and international. In the future, DTU will host the Technology Transfer Conference, the Student IT Olympiad and so on. These events confirm DTU’s determination to raise the standard of Vietnamese education to new heights".
Associate Professor Tran Quang Quy awarded a Certificate of Merit to DTU
Associate Professor Tran Quang Quy, the MOET Deputy-Minister, congratulated DTU on its achievements: "Winning top international prizes has made everyone realize that Vietnam is full of talented mathematicians. Recently, the Prime Minister has approved "The National Mathematical Development Program”, which runs from 2010 to 2020 to strengthen mathematics in Vietnam. The goal of the annual National Student Mathematics Olympiad is to promote the teaching and studying of mathematics nationwide. It has also become a festival for all those who are fond of mathematics. We acknowledge DTU's success in hosting the event. I expect colleges and universities everywhere to invest appropriately to nurture our students’ love of mathematics and their country and to become skilled scientists and business executives in order to contribute their talents to our country's economic development".
Nguyen Quang Hung of K18XPP2, of the DTU Construction Faculty, added: "It was a surprise to me when I found out that I had won first-prize. This is a big contest with a lot of talented contestants. However, with the knowledge acquired during our studies at DTU, we are confident and qualified to compete and win prizes in such a big contest. As a DTU student, I am especially happy and proud to win. Our accomplishments were due to the wise investment of DTU's Management Board and the dedication of the DTU faculty. I know DTU also won the 7th Huda Cup Football Tournament, and that four DTU teams have reached the National Finals of the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Contest. Our Mathematics Olympiad team is proud to win one first-prize, one second-prize and two third- prizes for DTU, the first and largest private university in Central Vietnam".

Closing the ceremony, MOET awarded a Certificate of Merit to DTU to acknowledge its efforts in successfully hosting the Olympiad. Associate Professor Tran Quang Quy and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co gave rotating banners to Pham Van Dong University in Quang Ngai province, with the hope that they will host an equally successful XXII National Student Mathematics Olympiad, in order to further promote mathematics and continue to recognize evolving mathematical talent.

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