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The 2012 DTU Business Administration Department Sports Event

The Business Administration Department is holding events at the Sports Center to commemorate the 18th Anniversary of DTU, on November 11th, and Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20th.  Attendees at the opening ceremony included Mr. Duong Dinh Hung, Secretary of the DTU Youth Union, Mr. Pham Dang Quang, Vice-Head of the DTU Student Affairs Center and faculty and students of the Business Administration Department.  

From 11th to 29th November there will be three main activities: football, Chinese chess and caro chess. Players will compete in nine groups, with four teams per group. The nine teams with the highest scores and seven teams with the second highest scores will play each other up to the quarter and semi finals. The finals are scheduled on the evening of November 29th.
The opening ceremony of the 2012 DTU Business Administration Department Sports Event

Mr. Pham Dang Quang said: “Every November, DTU students hold several activities to celebrate the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. The Sports Event the first of a series of such activities”.

After the ceremony, the first four matches between K18QTH1 – K17QNH4; K18QCD1+2 – K16QTC1; K16QTC2 – K18QTC and K16QNH3 – K16QTH1 took place. The players enjoyed the spirit of fair play and the cheers of the spectators.

The same day, one hundred chess players competed in the first round. The second and the final rounds of Chinese chess and caro chess will be on Sunday, November 18th.  
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