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Mid-Autumn Festivities at DTU

On the evening of September 30, the DTU Labor Party celebrated with a Mid-Autumn Festival for the children of DTU’s staff. This event attracted many DTU faculty, staff and their children, with lots of interesting performances.

On this occasion, Mr. Phan Van Son, Chairman of the DTU Labor Party awarded presents to nineteen DTU children with high academic achievements. They all had a really happy time with parents and friends.
Mr. Phan Van Son presents awards to DTU children

Miss Hang Nga and Mr. Cuoi received big applause from the audience when they appeared on the stage to perform happy songs and the exciting magic show of Mr. Duy An. Then, they joined in a game called the “The Miraculous Bell” to the cheers and support of their parents. 

A short play “The Power of Friendship” delivered a strong message to the youngsters by demonstrating the importance of honesty, loyalty, bravery and cooperation. By watching the three main characters: LuLu, Xu ri and Mimi fighting a wolf, the children understood the differences between the forces of good and evil in their lives.

The highlight of the evening was the performance of lion dancing, which ended the festival. The event was an excellent opportunity for DTU’s children to meet and make friends and to enhance their appreciation of the DTU family activities.

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