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Companies Meet the DTU Students at DTU

On the afternoon of 2nd June, 2011, the DTU Information Technology Faculty held a workshop: “Companies Meet the DTU Students.” Attendees included the DTU Management Board, company directors and many students from the IT, Electronics & Telecommunications departments.
Companies meet students at the workshop 

Mr. Nguyen Quang Thanh, Manager of Danang IT Infrastructure Development said: “Danang is on its way to becoming the Electronic City. Our twin goals are to introduce and develop IT. Local government is planning to build an IT Park of 131 hectares. IT students are under great pressure to find good jobs and we hope to be able make things easier for them in the near future”.

Issues on applying and developing the local IT industry were discussed, with many ideas coming from the attendees. Students and company executives had the opportunity to exchange experiences.

The conference was a good chance for companies and students to understand more about future IT trends. Students were also able to share their ideas and dreams about their career ambitions.

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