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Halloween Night at DTU

On the evening of October 31st 2010, DTU celebrated Halloween, in order to strengthen friendships between  DTU students and to welcome new K16 freshmen. Many students attended.

DTU students in their Halloween costumes

Thanks to good preparation, the hall at 208 Phan Thanh was decorated impressively with many frightening replicas of ghosts. Many eager students participated in the Halloween costume contest.

DTU students anticipate the Halloween costume contest

Halloween Night started with some musical performances by DTU students and some bands. The audience took part in the quiz game about Halloween and got prizes for correct answers. The Halloween costume contest received the most attention from the audience. The contestants in their Halloween costumes appeared on the stage to the creepy sounds of music and dim light. TDepictions of vampires, grim reapers, devils and Michael Jackson really frightened the audience. The judges finally awarded first prize to class K16NAB2. The Most Dreadful Disguise belonged to K15CMUTTT and The Funniest Disguise was awarded to K16PSUQNH3.

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