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India International Institute of Information Technology set up cooperation with DTU

On 15th October 2010, DTU’s Board of Rectors met with the International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT) from India.

DTU’s Board of Rector presents a gift to I2IT’s representative

The institute is expanding its training programs in Vietnam and expressed their willingness to set up a cooperative program with DTU and exchange lecturers and students. Under the proposal, DTU’s lecturers can get a Masters degree after a two-year course or register for short-term courses to get a certificate from I2IT. Students can continue their studies at the Institute for two years to get a Masters degree. They will be granted an Indian study visa if they pass the entrance examination.

Both parties signed in a memorandum to prepare the necessary procedures to establish the official partnership. Together with the partnerships with NIIT (India) and Carnegie Mellon University (USA), the upcoming collaboration with I2IT will bring more opportunities for DTU’s lecturers and students to gain more experience in IT. It will also enhance cultural exchanges between Vietnam and India.

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