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JEDI program launched at Duy Tan University

On 16 & 17, Nov. 2009, in partnership with Duy Tan University, Sun Microsystems provided "train-the-trainer" course with the Java Education and Development Initiative (JEDI) program for IT lecturers from the universities and colleges in the Central Vietnam.

The course was implemented by the international IT expertise from Sun Microsystems like Chuk Munn Lee, Peter Karlsson and Svinidhi Nirgunda. A series of topics were presented at the course like Introduction to threading and JDBC API, Java ME Gaming, Lab: Netbeans features and UI designing using Matisse, etc.

The program aims to provide high-quality, industry-endorsed IT and Computer Science course materials for free to universities and colleges. This collaborative course is to offer JEDI to Vietnamese IT enterprises and school them on open-source technologies such as Java and OpenSolaris.
 Sun Microsystems awards certificate to Dean of IT - DTU

Attending the program, JEDI members are entitled to gain immediate access to a whole suite of resources to enhance the teaching and learning experience such as Netbeans and Java SE.

Through the course, Sun Microsystems and Duy Tan University expect to help IT lecturers at the Central universities enhance their IT professional knowledge, thereby contributing to the improvement of IT training quality.

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