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Duy Tan University offers Postgraduate Programs

On January 16th, 2009, the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) authorized DTU to offer a postgraduate degree programs in Business and Computer Science, beginning in June 2009 with about one hundred students. With its large investment in the training of the Vietnamese labor force, MOET will allow DTU to enlarge its mission to improve the quality of the local workforce.

DTU is the first private university in Central Vietnam to offer post-graduate programs. With its five modern, well-equipped campuses of nearly 37,000m2 and teaching focused on research and practical applications, DTU has educated thousands of students over the past fifteen.

The leader of DTU said: “We will cooperate with Pennsylvania State University to train MBAs. For Information Technology major, we will offer a program based on the standards of Carnegie Mellon University, one of the leading I/T universities in the USA”.

Those who want to study for an MBA at DTU can choose tailor a course to their abilities. One course will be taught in Vietnamese, with selected subjects in English, and the other completely in English.

Most of the lecturers will visit from well-known universities in America. Others will include Vietnamese graduates of universities in the USA, Great Britain or Australia.

The programs are designed to combine both theory and practice. This will ensure that the students will be able to put into practice what they have learned. They will learn, discuss and exchange information with experienced faculty members, using the latest materials and modern teaching methods available. The course will be conveniently scheduled for those who must normally work on weekdays.

Duy Tan University has gradually built its reputation through its achievements in educating and supplying a well-qualified workforce to the community over the past fifteen years. Duy Tan University has gained a place in the hearts of those who have studied and developed there.

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