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Duy Tan University Hold a Exchange Program with Hue University’s College of Education

On May, 6th, 2008 students from DTU’s Department of Information Technology held a meeting with the Department of Information Technology of Hue University’s College of Education.

The leaders of the DTU Information Technology Department gave a presentation on their achievements over the past few years. The Faculty of Information Technology was established early on and has created a solid foundation to satisfy the working requirements of the local community.

Students of the two universities also had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Hoang Hung, Director of Enclave, as well-known software outsourcing company. Mr.Hung outlined personal qualities needed become a successful manager as well as the weaknesses of Vietnamese I/T education. He encouraged students to study foreign languages much more and considered a knowledge of English an essential tool for development of Vietnam and and global integration in general.

It was a very meaningful event and a good place for students to have the opportunity to meet and expand their knowledge.