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Seminar on “Duy Tan Hospitality Management Training - meeting the demand”

The recent growth in the number of tourists visiting Vietnam indicates that there is a huge potential for tourism development in this country. Although there are tremendous obstacles that Vietnam has to face during its tourism development, lthe government's determination to promote tourism has established a strong foundation for the expansion of the tourist industry.

Recognizing its importance, in the morning of April 19th, 2008, Duy Tan University held a conference on “ Duy Tan Hospitality Management Training -meeting the demand at the Conference Room, 184 Nguyen Van Linh, Duy Tan University. The conference focused on a wide range of topics related to tourism.

Attendees included President Le Cong Co and number of lecturers and students from the Hospitality Management Department including Mr. Huynh Tan Vinh, Chairman of the Danang Tourism Association and Deputy General Director of Furama Resort Danang and Mr. Cao Tri Dung, member of the Danang branch of Vitour and others involved in tourism in Danang.

The participants explored potential business, the challenges and the solutions required to expand tourism studies at Duy Tan to meet the demand.

During the conference, President Co summarized the university's tourism development over the past years and the plans for the future.

In a friendly and stimulating exchange, participants contributed many valuable ideas to the half-day seminar.