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October 27,2008

Job’s consulting and recruiting day 2009

June 1,2009

The end of May is the time for students to take part in the program called “Job Consulting Day” hold by DTU associated with The Labor Press in Danang City...

September 3,2010

DDT Group Recruits at DTU

November 16,2010

On November 11th 2010, Mrs.Nguyen Ngoc Hanh, Managing Director of DTT, a Danang technology company, interviewed I/T students at Duy Tan...

DTU Meets with Doosanvina

June 13,2011

On the afternoon of 10th June, 2011, Mr. Choi Yun Gon, the Doosanvina IT Manager led a delegation to DTU. Welcoming the delegation were DTU IT Department representatives...

LogiGear Recruits CMU Students

October 19,2011

LogiGear held a recruitment day at DTU on 18th October, 2011. The event attracted hundreds CMU students. Mr. Vuong Bao Long, LogiGear HR Manager gave a brief presentation about LogiGear...

The 2012 DTU Job Fair Opens With More Student Opportunities

June 4,2012

Twenty-seven local companies, with 2,715 job vacancies and 4,029 applications were the impressive statistics recorded on June 2 at the 2012 DTU Job Fair. The event was organized...

Vice General Manager of the Nam Hai Resort teaches at DTU

September 26,2012

On September 24, Ms. Tran Thi Canh, Vice General Manager of the Nam Hai Resort came to teach at DTU. “We really had a good lesson with Ms. Canh and she provided us with really...

The Enclave Company Recruits at DTU

October 8,2012

On the 5th of October, 200 DTU students of the CMU Information Technology program attended a recruitment session with the Enclave Company. This is an annual event held for...

New Academic Year Ceremony to Welcome K18 students

October 15,2012

On the 14th of October, DTU held a formal ceremony to welcome new K18 students to the university. The DTU Board of Provosts also gave a warm reception to representatives...