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International ISI Papers Published by Vietnamese Universities from 2015 to 2017

July 29,2017

Looking more closely, it can be seen the publications these five leading universities can be differentiated from the remaining ones, by totaling double the number of the next fifteen universities...

DTU Published At Least One International Paper A Day In 2017

January 3,2018

One of the indicators of the growth of a university is the cumulative annual number of international publications. In 2017, DTU published 372 papers, compared with 230 in 2016 and 1015 in 2015...

Vietnamese Universities and International Publications: 2017-2018 Scopus Data

August 16,2018

This article is based on information extracted from the SCOPUS database. It is aimed at providing the reader with accurate, trustworthy, complete, and verifiable information on the situation of international publications of many Vietnamese higher education institutions from 2017 to mid-2018 (data were downloaded on June 30, 2018)...