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January 5,2009

January 12,2009

February 16,2009

February 18,2009

February 19,2009

February 23,2009

February 28,2009

March 2,2009

Department of Information Technology-Duy Tan University held the Seminar: “Eclipse: Empowering Universal Platform”

March 28,2009

In the afternoon of 27th March 2009, the Department of Information Technology, in conjunction with IBM Vietnam, held the seminar named: “Eclipse: Empowering Universal Platform” at campus 184 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang city. The Seminar was presented by Dr Duong Cong Minh-expert of IBM in Vietnam and Mr Nguyen Khiem-Manager of high education assistance programme in Vietnam. The Seminar attracted a great participation of lecturers and students from Information Technology Deparment. ...

Duy Tan University held a general meeting

April 6,2009

In order to prepare for the university entrance examination 2009, external evaluation by MOET, and graduation examination 2009, on 5th April 2009, at the Hall K7/25 Quang Trung...