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Mr. Victor C Lim - The Matchmaker, Introducing DTU and Upper Iowa University to Collaborate on the New On-Site Study-Abroad Program

June 24,2015

On its journey of international collaboration to improve educational quality, Duy Tan University has many like-minded and dedicated institutions on six continents...

DTU Awards 800 Million VND to a Graduate Student of the Le Thanh Tong High School for the Gifted

September 6,2015

On September 5th, DTU leaders and lecturers visited the Le Thanh Tong High School for the Gifted in Hoi An, in Quang Nam Province, to commemorate the opening...

Term Closure and Student Prize Giving for On-Site Study-Abroad Program

February 3,2016

On January 29th, 2016, DTU hosted the First Term Closure and Outstanding Student Prize Awards ceremony of the On-Site Study-Abroad program. Dr Nguyen Tan Thang...

Welcome Ceremony for First-year Students of American Degree Programs

August 20,2017

On August 19th, DTU held a Welcome Ceremony for first-year students of the American degree programs in Hospitality and Hotel Management and IT, in partnership with Troy University...

DTU Students of ADP Visit LogiGear

October 31,2017

On October 31st, DTU ADP students visited the LogiGear Company in Danang. LogiGear is one of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley and employs hundreds of testers and software developers

What is the Advantage of Studying Overseas?

March 26,2018

For students, going abroad to study means flying or sailing in a boat on an exciting new journey across oceans, continents and cultures. This unique journey leads them to the “port of knowledge”, and, later, with a valuable degree from a well-known university and an overall experience which will enrich their lives forever. Students can learn new things, experience new lifestyles, improve their English and rediscover themselves...

Overcoming the Obstacles to Studying Abroad

April 4,2018

In the 3+1 program with Coventry University in the UK, students transfer abroad after 3 years at DTU and receive a Coventry University Bachelor’s degree. DTU students spend 1 or 2 or 3 years at DTU before transferring to a foreign university and can reduce tuition costs by doing so. Students will always be supported by the DTU LTC...

An Entrance Exam for Applicants to DTU Advanced Programs

April 16,2018

On April 15, DTU held an exam for enrollees in the CMU, CSU, PSU and PNU advanced programs, and awarded scholarships worth 100 million vnd to one hundred of the leading students from Danang and Quang Nam. Mr. Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of the DTU International School, DTU lecturers, students and parents attended...

Three Things You Need to Prepare before Studying Abroad

June 12,2018

DTU has created a multicultural environment where students can meet and get to know people from all over the world to improve their communication, by establishing programs such as P2A, Learning eXpress and student exchanges with universities in Singapore, Taiwan, the Netherlands, the US and elsewhere...

Phan Cong Hoang: A Wanderer, Dreaming of Studying Overseas and Starting his Own Business

June 25,2018

He is loved for his online pop song covers, his travel blog and his photographs of beautiful moments in his life. Few people know that Phan Cong Hoang, a tall, refined young man with wandering eyes, graduated high school with a score of 26/30 in the 2017 High Graduation Exam...