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Economics and Administration continue to be the most popular DTU majors

July 13,2019

In 2019, DTU continues to enroll Economics and Administration majors and offers some previous and new courses, including Marketing Administration; Business Administration; Foreign Trade; Commerce; Corporate Finance; Banking; Office Management; Human Resources Management; Accounting & Auditing; Corporate Accounting; Governmental Accounting; Tax & Tax Consultancy...

Four DTU Teams Progress the 2019 National “Go Green in the City” Finals

July 16,2019

“Go Green in the City” is an annual international competition, where engineering students develop intelligent energy management solutions for livable and sustainable “Smart Cities”. Thousands of contestants participate worldwide. This year, four DTU teams advanced to the national finals and entered the top 30 in Asia-Pacific...

Clever and Charming Young Man Enrolls in DTU Software Engineering

August 1,2019

Tran Phan Quang Duc, from the home of martial arts in Binh Dinh Province, scored 26.9 in the 2019 High School Graduation Exam, with a 9.4 in Mathematics and 9 in Physics. Tran Phan Quang Duc also was the highest-scoring student from his high school in the A subject category. DTU was his first choice, and he also received a full scholarship for an On-Site Study-Abroad American degree program...

More Foreign Students Enroll at DTU in 2019

October 9,2019

DTU is gradually strengthening its brand worldwide with the expansion of its advanced international programs. Students from Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea have recently decided to study at DTU to realize their academic goals, confident of the high-quality education that the university guarantees...

Fifth Enrollment Live-Stream: Employment Opportunities from Advanced, International, Overseas, and On-Site Study-Abroad Programs

March 3,2020

On February 29, DTU broadcast its fifth enrollment live-stream about “Employment Opportunities from Advanced, International, Overseas, and On-Site Study-Abroad Programs”, which was of great interest to the many parent and high school viewers. PhD student Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of the CMU International School program; Dr. Tran Van Duc, Vice-Dean of CSU; Dr. Trinh Le Tan, Vice-Dean of PSU; MSc Vo Thi Phuong Oanh...