Big Data & Machine Learning

Big Data & Machine Learning



With ever increasing numbers of people accessing the internet with computers and mobile devices, Vietnam has become a target for companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle, and the field of Big Data is becoming more popular than ever. As a result, DTU is offering a new major in Big Data & Machine Learning in 2018, now that the need for qualified professionals is high and salaries and conditions really attractive.


Big data bases allow companies to store and access large amounts of information so that they can formulate strategies to expand their short-term development. Big Data specialists are in high demand, with the responsibility of understanding how to process huge amounts of data to generate profits.

Chuyên ngành học mới Big Data & Machine Learning

Duration: 4 years


Training program


Working skills


Information Technology has always been one of the most popular majors at DTU. The University collaborates with universities worldwide, such as with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the four leading universities in IT in the US, to develop curricula for Software Engineering, Information Systems and Network Security that all meet international standards. Normally about 94% of all DTU graduates find jobs within three months. However, 100% the CMU IT students find employment before graduation. The university is equipped with twelve highly configurable computer rooms with all the necessary training software and the new major promises to graduate expert software engineers.


Students will be taught about big data and the technologies and algorithms of machine learning to process and query it. For students with analytic minds and the ability to process data, this major will pave the road to success. In particular, the education of data scientists requires learning how to integrate big data into the IT framework of a company and program and execute software for data analysis for marketing, sales and strategic planning.


Career prospects


With the ability to analyze and summarize data using advanced algorithms, Bachelors of Big Data & Machine Learning will have excellent job opportunities. Graduates of this major can find jobs in the same companies where Bachelors of Software Engineering and Information Systems already work, in comfortable working environments with high chances of promotion.

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