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The Ministry of Education and Training authorized the DTU Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities to run a Literature and Journalism major in 2007. This course meets social needs, serves the country’s development in these times of industrialization and modernization, and brings many employment opportunities to the young who love writing.


Duration: 4 years


Training program


- The credit-training program creates opportunities for DTU Literature and Journalism students to make both horizontal and vertical connections with the majors of Tourism Culture and of International Relationships.

- Students are equipped with both in-depth knowledge of Journalism such as Journalistic Writing Styles, Journalistic Morals, Journalistic Theory, Journalistic Laws, Online Newspapers, Broadcasting, Television and essential journalistic skills such as interview techniques, quick notes, taking photographs, recording, filming, reporting and so on.

- Students are provided with knowledge in Literature to participate in exchange programs with countries worldwide such as kinds of Vietnamese Literature, Asian Literature, Foreign Literature, Literature Theory, General Linguistics and others.


Working Skills

Graduates are able to:


- Collect and analyse information in different ways.

- Processing information.

- Apply modern technologies of mass communications.

- Proficiently use cameras, recorders, information processing software and others.

- Edit different journalistic documents.

- Design and lay out journalistic publications.

- Analyse to improve quality of journalism and communication

- Continue studying at a higher degree.

- Communicate with individuals and organizations professionally.

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