Trắc nghiệm nghề nghiệp

Before you start searching for an answer on what your career path should be, take an interest profiling test to see what your personality and interests are. 
This personality quiz is useful for you to know and get a hint of what your possible career match may be.

01. Install a CD player in car  like  dislike  unsure
02. Study space travel  like  dislike  unsure
03. Conduct a symphony orchestra  like  dislike  unsure
04. Teach an individual an exercise routine  like  dislike  unsure
05. Buy and sell stocks and bonds  like  dislike  unsure
06. Develop a spreadsheet using computer software  like  dislike  unsure
07. Guard money in an armored car  like  dislike  unsure
08. Make a map of the bottom of an ocean  like  dislike  unsure
09. Write stories or articles for magazines  like  dislike  unsure
10. Performing nursing duties in a hospital  like  dislike  unsure
11. Manage a retail store  like  dislike  unsure
12. Proofread records or forms  like  dislike  unsure
13. Grow own vegetable  like  dislike  unsure
14. Study the history of past civilizations  like  dislike  unsure
15. Direct a play  like  dislike  unsure
16. Give CPR to someone who has stopped breathing  like  dislike  unsure
17. Sell things on ebay  like  dislike  unsure
18. Use a computer program to generate customer bills  like  dislike  unsure
19. Assemble a PC  like  dislike  unsure
20. Study animal behavior  like  dislike  unsure
21. Create dance routines for a show  like  dislike  unsure
22. Help people with personal or emotional problems  like  dislike  unsure
23. Operate a beauty salon or barber shop  like  dislike  unsure
24. Schedule conferences for an organization  like  dislike  unsure
25. Monitor a machine on an assembly line  like  dislike  unsure
26. Develop a new medicine  like  dislike  unsure
27. Write books or plays  like  dislike  unsure
28. Teach children how to read  like  dislike  unsure
29. Sell merchandise over the telephone  like  dislike  unsure
30. Keep accounts payable/receivable for an office  like  dislike  unsure
31. Repair household appliances  like  dislike  unsure
32. Plan a research study  like  dislike  unsure
33. Play a musical instrument  like  dislike  unsure
34. Work with mentally disabled children  like  dislike  unsure
35. Run an online business  like  dislike  unsure
36. Load computer software into a large computer network  like  dislike  unsure
37. Drive a car  like  dislike  unsure
38. Study ways to reduce water pollution  like  dislike  unsure
39. Perform comedy routines in front of an audience  like  dislike  unsure
40. Teach an elementary school class  like  dislike  unsure
41. Give a presentation about a product you are selling  like  dislike  unsure
42. Transfer funds between banks using a computer  like  dislike  unsure
43. Install furniture bought from IKEA  like  dislike  unsure
44. Develop a new medical treatment or procedure  like  dislike  unsure
45. Perform as an extra in movies, plays or television shows  like  dislike  unsure
46. Give career guidance to people  like  dislike  unsure
47. Buy and sell land or property  like  dislike  unsure
48. Organize and schedule office meetings  like  dislike  unsure
49. Raise fish in a fish hatchery  like  dislike  unsure
50. Determine the infection rate of a new disease  like  dislike  unsure
51. Write reviews of books or plays  like  dislike  unsure
52. Supervise the activities of children at a camp  like  dislike  unsure
53. Develop and sell apps on Apps Store  like  dislike  unsure
54. Use a word processor to edit and format documents  like  dislike  unsure
55. Build a fish pond in a garden  like  dislike  unsure
56. Study rocks and minerals  like  dislike  unsure
57. Compose or arrange music  like  dislike  unsure
58. Help people with family related problems  like  dislike  unsure
59. Run a store  like  dislike  unsure
60. Use a calculator  like  dislike  unsure
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