DTU Valedictorian of Economic Law scores 25.5 in the 2017 High School Exam


Tran Thi Kim Ngan became a DTU valedictorian in Economic Law and won a full scholarship for the first year, with a score of 25.5 in the 2017 High School Exam.  
She convinces her parents with her aspiration
Ngan is proficient at socially-oriented subjects and won a third prize in History and a third in an Environmental Writing competition in the ninth grade, so she surprised her parents and friends when she used her scores in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to apply to DTU.
A DTU valedictorian in Economic Law from Hue
Her parents were not happy when Ngan chose to study Economic Law because they believed that it was a dangerous profession and difficult to find job in. “At first I was very sad because my parents did not agree with me. Then I convinced them by talking with them about the Economic Law program at DTU and future career opportunities. Good lawyers have always impressed me, as they relentlessly struggle to achieve justice with their professional knowledge. This why I chose Economic law. I research information online and recently read about a “Mock Trial” developed by senior students of the DTU Faculty of Law. It’s a new way to help students practice in imaginary circumstances and build their confidence to handle real cases in a real court”, said Ngan.
On graduation, students can also work in many other high positions in government or at private companies. 
Success through hard study
Ngan is the oldest sister in a needy family. Her father is a driver and her mother a seamstress. Ngan always studies hard and has been a successful over the past twelve years. She always remembers that genius is largely the result of hard work, rather than an inspired flash of insight. Her target is to go on to win a scholarship.
Ngan has been practicing her English on the internet to expand her education and relationships. “I must continue working diligently to qualify as a lawyer and know that I will eventually succeed.” she said.
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