Scholarship and Career Opportunities at Seirei Social Welfare Community in Japan


On October 26th, at DTU, Mr. Makoto Yamamoto, Deputy Director of Human Resources at the Seirei Social Welfare Community and Mr. Yoshiki Tsuchida, Managing Director of AMEV Consulting and Investment, announced the EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) scholarship program and job opportunities in the Seirei Social Welfare Community. 
DTU students 
The community was established in the 1930s to care for tuberculosis patients at a time when it was considered a fatal disease and went on to become the biggest social welfare organization in Japan, with 145 locations in Tokyo and eight in other cities and provinces. Seirei is headquartered in Hamamatsu, in Shizuoka prefecture, in the center of Japan’s main island. The 9,000 employees provide high-quality services in the four areas of health care, medical care, social welfare and nursing. 
On June 5th, DTU and the Seirei Social Welfare Community signed an agreement to collaborate on research, a Japanese language teacher exchange program, joint training, and on-the-job trainee exchanges. Other programs will be developed according to need.
DTU students of Nursing with Japanese executives 
Mr. Yoshiki Tsuchida talked about EPA, a Japanese language program for young foreign-service officers. EPA scholarships grant qualified overseas applicants free training in Japanese and provide an expert knowledge of health care to prepare students for the national exam to obtain a Kaigo-Shi Certificate in Health Care. 
Students who go to study in Japan can also work part-time to pay for daily expenses. Seirei also offers a full scholarship program for outstanding applicants who already hold a JLPT-N2, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, who will be provided dormitory accommodation, a loan for daily expenses and part-time job opportunities, with an annual income of 3,200 Japanese Yen, or 630 million vnd. Seirei graduates are then eligible to work for four and a half years in Seirei hospitals and care facilities.
In December, the Seirei Social Welfare Community plans another visit to DTU to hold more seminars about EPA and interview qualified applicants. Seirei plans to visit annually to extend excellent scholarship and career opportunities to DTU Nursing students. 
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