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Course Descriptions

Course Number: CSU-ARC 311
Course Name: Architectural Design 3
Number of Credit Hours: 4 Credits
Prerequisite(s): N/A
Corequisite(s): N/A
Course Description: 
Following the CSU-ARC 344 as “the language, principles and materials of construction with an emphasis on the origin, history and application of traditional and emergent materials”, the CSU-ARC 311 concentrates plus for concepts, processes and skills pertaining to context, structure and climate as determinants that shape the built environment and support the communication of intended concepts and meanings”. In other words, the CSU-ARC 344 focuses on developing your ability to create technically well-formed proj­ects while CSU-ARC 311 focuses on developing your ability to create aesthetically well-formed projects. So projects in this course are designed to develop your abilities in both areas. It’s simply architecture. "Chiasma is a relationship of crossing and exchange. It can be used linguistically to chart the reflexive crossover between words, or it can be used to describe a spatial transivity, as in the mutual interaction of see-er and seen--their activity as they exchange positions through visual space, each to leave a mark on the other." -- Rosalind Krauss