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Graduates from the International School are heavily recruited by many top companies. Graduates take up careers in the computing industry, the finance industry, traditional large engineering companies, startup companies, management consulting companies, software companies, IT services companies and government.

In recent years, DTU has always paid much attention to international partnerships and establishing links with prestigious universities worldwide, in order to create international education programs at all levels. The university also strives to become the first in Central Vietnam to offer international programs to international as well as Vietnamese students. In this spirit, the Board of Provosts decided to change the name of the Center for International Relations to the International School, to reflect its new function and mission.

The International School functions as a bridge between DTU and its international partners. The School has already established educational links and teacher and student exchanges with fifteen universities around the world, and regularly welcomes many delegations on visits and exchanges.
These include four American institutions, namely Carnegie Mellon University, in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Information Systems and Network Engineering, Seattle Pacific University and Pennsylvania State University in Business Management, Accountancy, and Tourism and Hospitality, and California State University, in Architecture, Construction and the Environment.  Our University has also collaborated with Singapore Polytechnic University to exchange teachers, to organize charitable programs in Danang and so on.
The International School works closely with the DTU Board to plan a strategy for international relationships. It is also responsible for translating international courses into Vietnamese and assisting foreign teachers and students coming to our university to study or lecture. 

The youthful and enthusiastic team includes five PhDs, twenty-five Masters, ten research students, five assistants and two research students working abroad. With its state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, the International School has created a study environment of the highest quality, to develop student ability under ideal conditions and reach the targets and graduation requirements of the university.

The following list shows all primary degrees offered for undergraduate students at the International School (under the departments which offer them):

1. B.S. in Management Information System

2. B.S. in Finance and Banking

3. B.S. in Accounting

4. B.S. in Business Administration

5. B.Eng. in Civil Engineering

6. B.Eng. in Architecture