The Faculty of Information Technology

The Faculty of Information Technology

The Faculty of Information Technology (IT) was founded on November 11th 1994 when Duy Tan University was established. Over the past 23 years, the faculty has developed steadily, worthy of being the most important major at DTU and graduating highly-skilled professionals into the local workplace.


The mission statement of the IT Faculty is, “Training high-quality IT personnel with the professional knowledge, skills and discipline required by national and international business worldwide.” By 2020 the faculty aims to become a leading institution nationally for education and technology transfer and to become DTU’s pivot in research, business relations and international integration.

Lecturers and staff of the DTU Faculty of Information Technology


Since 1995, DTU has enrolled IT majors into graduate level, both college and academic, into Master’s programs since 2009 and PhD programs since 2013. The IT Faculty is directly responsible for graduate courses of 1,300 regular students in three majors, Software Engineering, Network Engineering and Management Information Systems.


To increase international collaboration and innovation to improve education, since 2008 the IT Faculty has been implementing partnership programs with Carnegie Mellon University in the US to exchange educational curricula to train its students. In its work, the faculty uses the CDIO education model and is preparing to apply for international ABET quality accreditation in the near future.


The IT Faculty has been honored with Certificates of Merit from the DTU Board, the Danang City People’s Committee Chairperson in 2009 and from the Minister of Education and Training in 2014, for its educational achievements and contributions.

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