Hotel Management

Hotel Management



The Hotel Management program teaches the basics of hotel operations, in reception, restaurants, rooms, the kitchen and bar, for conventions, special events and other occasions. The course is divided into 3 majors, room management, restaurant management and conference management, according to future career aspirations. Students are also trained in professional ethics, self-discipline and health in order to be later promoted to managers in small or large resorts and hotels.




- Learn about every job in a hotel and its influence on the economy, culture, society and the environment

- Understand the organizational structure, role, function and responsibility of each hotel department in a hotel and its relationships and propose solutions to enhance service quality

- Master the basic hotel procedures, as a receptionist, housekeeper, as restaurant or kitchen staff

- Study the main types of equipment and tools used in hotels

- Understand the hotel principles and management process in human resources management, property management, financial and marketing management

- Be able to assess hotel standards and quality

- Be familiar with the planning, organization, supervision, checking and work assessment in each department

- Become aware of hotel security and safety regulations, explain the reasons for compliance with them, identify potential risks and propose preventive measures.


- Working skills


- A working knowledge of English, for communication in the front office, hotel rooms, restaurant and conference rooms, caring for customers and effectively handling complaints

- Proper use of all kinds of hotel equipment

- A strict understanding of customer service standards in all parts of the hotel

- Manage or participate in establishing marketing plans, personnel plans, equipment procurement plans, plans for conferences, seminars and other events

- Report on and edit internal hotel documents and contracts

- Use hotel management software in daily work

- Manage working time efficiently

- Analyze and evaluate potential problems in the business results of the various hotel departments, such as accommodation, food and beverage and conferences and propose solutions to solve and improve them


Duration: 3 years


Training program


The training program consists of 105 credits in General Informatics, Introduction to Law, teamworking, problem-solving and more.  In more specialized subjects, students learn about housekeeping, the front office, food preparation and the bar, and so on. The duration is 60% shorter than the university level program. Practical work accounts for 70% of course time, focus on learning English and soft skills with low tuition fees.


Career prospects


- Tour guides or specialists in charge of accommodation, marketing, customer care, conferences and events

- Managers, operators and tour planners in local or international companies, or in non-governmental organizations

- Government tourism staff

- Teachers of tourism and hospitality.

Academic Programs


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