DTU Enrolls in Hospitality and Hotel Management On-Site Study-Abroad with Troy University Degree

Opportunities to obtain a US degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management without having to travel to the US are opening up for students enrolling in the 2017-2018 academic year, as Troy University is opening its first course in this major in Vietnam at DTU.
 ÐH Duy Tân ký k?t chuong trình Du ho?c t?i ch? v?i ÐH Troy, M?
DTU signed an On-Site Study-Abroad agreement with Troy University, US
To attract talented students with high High Graduation Exam results, DTU announced three scholarships covering overseas study tuition fees at Troy University in the USA, for the three years after the first, to obtain a Troy University degree.
In recent years, students with high High Graduation Exam scores are flocking to enroll at DTU for its diverse offer of On-Site Study-Abroad programs, Overseas Study programs, and Advanced International Programs in collaboration with many leading US partners. In addition to this choice there is a wealth of full and partial scholarships to give students from disadvantaged families but with outstanding study results the opportunity to study. With the start of a new American degree program in Hospitality and Hotel Management, DTU’s traditional strength, in addition to opportunities to study in America without having to pay any tuition at all, this choice at DTU is becoming ever more diverse.
Hospitality Students practicing with businesses as a required part of the program to improve their professional skills
Troy University, a public university in the state of Alabama in America, is associated with the idea of a university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS). This is regional accreditation, the highest form of quality accreditation of an entire institution in the US. Troy University is considered one of the leading public universities in the US concerning lecturer quality and the student sports movement. With its 130-year history (founded in 1887), Troy University now has seventy programs on offer, at Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD level, with about 27,000 students. Troy University has four campuses in the US and more than 62 spread over twelve other countries worldwide. In 2017, The Princeton Review ranked Troy University as the university with best educational quality of the American Southwest. Money Magazine placed it in its top 25 of US public universities with most reasonable tuition fees and other expenses. U.S. News and World Report’s yearly report on the ranking of the best universities in the US includes Troy University in the 64 best Master’s programs in the American Southwest.
In early 2017, DTU signed an important collaboration agreement with Troy University to offer a Linking Bachelor’s program (with American degree) in Hospitality and Hotel Management. This is a great step forward for DTU in its journey to becoming an institution training an international-standard high-quality workforce in Hospitality for Danang and the surrounding provinces and cities in Central Vietnam. The strong development of tourism in Danang and other parts of Central Vietnam is leading to a severe shortage of people in this sector, especially of high-quality tourism workers.
For this 2017 enrollment season, DTU officially enrolls for the major of Hospitality and Hotel Management, studying at DTU and obtaining a Troy University degree. Admissions for the major of Hospitality and Hotel Management take two forms: (1) based on high school transcript (12th-grade results), or (2) based on the 2017 High Graduation Exam results with major code 52340103, university code DDT.
Subjects for admission based on the 2017 High Graduation Exam included:
(1) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
(2) Mathematics, Literature, Social Sciences
(3) Mathematics, Literature, English
(4) Literature, History, Geography
Subjects for admission based on high school transcripts included:
(1) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
(2) Mathematics, Physics, English
(3) Mathematics, Literature, English
(4) Literature, History, Geography
For the 1 and a half to 2 years they study for the On-Site Study-Abroad program at DTU, students of Troy University degree programs enjoy tuition fees similar to those for students of the UIU On-Site Study-Abroad program of other majors. As such, students pay only 2,500 USD per year, or a 50% reduction for all four years of studying in Vietnam, which is much lower than the about 15,000 USD per year asked by the same universities when studying in the US.
With fifty full and partial scholarships for applicants with High Graduation Exam scores of 22 points or higher, worth about 16 billion dong, these applicants enjoy the choice of On-Site Study-Abroad programs of any major they like to obtain a degree from Troy University or of the other prestigious US universities at DTU. With its many Advanced International programs, Overseas Study programs, and On-Site Study-Abroad American degree programs, DTU offers students from all over the country the freedom to choose from educational programs with the highest quality with attractive scholarships for the 2017 enrollment season.
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