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Da Nang has been considered as the most worth - living city in Vietnam. Danang also has a nickname “the city of bridges”. These man-made bridges, Han river bridge, Dragon bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge and Thuan Phuoc bridge, become the feature of Danang thanks to their unique and amazing architecture besides the  well-developed infrastructure of the city.


In 2019, the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering continues to offers three majors, including:


- Road & Bridge Construction;

- Civil and Industrial Engineering;

- CSU Civil and Industrial Engineering

- Construction Engineering Management.

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DTU students train in standardized laboratories  


Over the past 20 years of its establishment and development, the DTU Faculty of Civil Engneering has gained significant achievements in its training. The University employs a professional and experienced team of lecturers. Presently, there are 34 highly-qualified, full-time lecturers. To improve the quality of education, the faculty has collaborated with California State University Fullerton and with California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo (CSU - CalState) to develop the first advanced programs in Architecture and Construction. California State University is the largest school in the California State university system and Cal Poly is one of the top five universities in Architecture in the USA. 


DTU has made sustained efforts over the years to invest in personnel, facilities and equipment in Civil Engineering. Courses use the most advanced CDIO teaching methodology, which is particularly appropriate for Construction studies as it promotes the creative and practical skills required for engineers. It helps qualify students to compete in national and international competitions. They study under the guidance of dedicated lecturers in an advanced study environment and have won prizes at the National Loa Thanh Tournaments, at the National Physics and Mathematics Olympiad and the Asia-Pacific Regional IDEERS Champions Cup, at the 2014 IDEERS convention, held at the National Centre for Research into Earthquake Engineering in Taiwan. Also at the Go Green in the City contest, organized by Schneider Electric. That is why DTU still attracts many Construction students.


In 2019, DTU continues to award the following scholarships to applicants in Civil and Industrial Engineering, Road and Bridge Construction, Construction Engineering Management and CSU Civil and Industrial Engineering majors, including:


- DTU Scholarships: 720 scholarships worth from one to five million dong each for applicants, including Civil Engineering, with a total High Graduation Exam three-subject score three to ten points higher than the admissions minimum.

- 700 Scholarships: from 500,000 to 2 million dong for applicants, including Civil Engineering, with a high school transcript score of 22 or above.

- 39 Full scholarships: 100% of tuition fee, with total value of 3 billion dong, for applicants to the advanced and international CMU, PSU, CSU and PNU program, with a total High School Graduation Exam three-subject score of 23 or above.

- A 15% reduction in first-year tuition fees for 50 applicants in Road & Bridge Construction and Construction Engineering Management.

- Scholarships worth 5 million dong each for first-year Civil Engineering students who obtained a consolation prize in a National Excellent Student contest or in a National Science & Technology contest.

- Ten scholarships from California State University (CSU): 10 million dong each.

- Ten scholarships from DTU worth 5 million dong each for CSU Civil and Industrial Engineering


Subjects for admissions



Major code




High School Transcript

(12th-grade results)

High School Graduation Exam Grade

-Civil and Industrial Engineering

-CSU Civil and Industrial Engineering


1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry

2. Literature, Maths, Physics

3. Literature, Maths, Chemistry

4. Literature, Maths, English

1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry

2. Maths, Social Sciences, Literature,

3. Literature, Maths, Physics

4. Literature, Maths, Chemistry

- Road & Bridge Construction

- Construction Engineering Management



For detailed information, please contact the DTU Enrollment Center

254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang

Hotlines: 1900.2252 - 0905.294390 - 0905.294391




Academic Programs


  • Year of founding: 1997

    Address: Room 202, DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering, 03 Quang Trung, Danang

    Tel: 0236.3827.111 (ext 202)



  • Students’ Achievements

    * 13 outstanding graduation project awards (in the Loa Thanh Civil Engineering and Architecture Tournament), second awards in 2014 and  2015). 

    * 45 awards in National Olympiads in Mechanics, Mathematics, Physics, Strength of Materials, Structural mechanics and Soil mechanics

    * The Asia-Pacific IDEERS Championship in 2014 and a Third prize in 2015 

  • Research

    20 publications in ISI-indexed international journals to date; 50 publications in domestic journals and seminars, completing many university-level research projects, 1 Ministerial and 1 Nafosted project. 

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