From Mar 07, 2019 to Mar 07, 2019
University of Khanh Hoa, 01 Nguyen Chanh, Nha Trang, VIET NAM


Nha Trang , Khanh Hoa
There will be one-day excursion on Mar. 10. The tour will start from 8:30 and end at 16:00. Some places to be visited are Ponagar temple, Cai river (by boat cruise), a village market, a local family where participants can try some fruits and teas at the orchard, Long Son pagoda, Chong rocks, ect. Lunch is included in the tour. The fee is estimated around 35 USD. Participants and accompanying persons can register in advance via the workshop email or at the registration desk on Mar. 7. Please refer the tour program City Tour for more details.
This is a good tour to explore Nha Trang city and her friendly people. Blessed with an endless beach of white sand and coconut trees, Nha Trang is one of the most attractive coastal towns in Viet Nam. Located 450km from Ho Chi Minh city on the emerald South China Sea, the climate is perfect for water activities and fun. Firstly, We have a chance to explore Nha Trang city with spectacular Ponagar temples, dating from the 8th century. These are Hindu sacred temple of Cham pa, a powerful 4th – to 15th century empire of central Vietnam. And then board a river boat to enjoy a cruise on Cai river. Just a few kilometres from Nha Trang's beachfront lays picturesque countryside dotted with palm trees and fruit orchards. Here the local people go about their daily business with farming and cottage industries typically the mainstream of their livelihoods.
Back to the city, visit Long Son which is a typical Vietnamese pagoda with a huge statute of Buddha on the top of a hill overlooking Nha Trang peaceful city. This statute was built in commemoration of the monks and nun who died whilst fighting the Diem government. And then we visit Chong rock, a beautifl land scape of Nha Trang, and Nha Trang bay club house. This is a good tour to explore Nha Trang bay which is a member of the world’s most beautiful bay club. Nha Trang bay is one of the most attractive bay in Viet Nam.
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