Civil Engineering (CSU)

The CSU International-Standard Civil and Industrial Construction program at DTU



Construction expertise is vital to the development of our cities and throughout the country. This program teaches the basics of science, linked with the fundamentals of construction, including General Informatics, Illustration and Technical Drawing, Construction Mechanics, Building Materials and Surveying, in order to provide specialized training in Civil and Industrial Construction.

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The curriculum goes into the details of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Steel Structures, Foundations, Electrical Engineering, Water Supply, Building Technology, Construction Organization and the Economics of Construction, in order to perform design computations, formulate methods, organize, manage, execute construction and oversee it.


DTU partnered with California State University (CSU) Fullerton in their Construction and Architecture program to graduate highly-qualified professionals into the local workforce. It is the first program of its type in Central and Northern Vietnam.


Duration: 5 years


Training program


The California State University Fullerton curricula gives access to the latest information on Construction, taught by expert lecturers from DTU and California State University Fullerton. The education is practically oriented, along with English language training and graduates find jobs in Vietnam and abroad. The program concentrates on providing future engineers and architects with skills in project planning, project management, construction design, strategic vision and so on, coupled with spatial esthetic thinking and an awareness and ability to create attractive buildings.


Working skills


- Ability to analyze, aggregate, assess and use specialized knowledge to solve problems involved in design consultancy and civil and industrial construction.

- Mathematical modeling, analysis and the assessment of technical issues in the computation of structure design, and its implementation.

- Formulating technical construction methods, organizing and executing construction, overseeing construction, quality management and assessment.

- Formulating total investment, cost estimates and budgeting, using special software applications.

- Taking part in the implementation of architectural design.

- Creating and managing official documents relating to state regulation of basic and other construction.

- Effective written communications, presentations, debates, negotiations, controlling situations, using modern tools and methods efficiently.

- Proficiently using specialized construction applications, such as Autocad, SAP and office software.


Career prospects


Graduates can work as:

- Technical staff in the design departments of survey and design firms worldwide.

- Technical staff at construction supervision consulting firms worldwide.

- Technical staff or construction managers worldwide.

- Technical experts or executives worldwide.

- Specialists, civil servants, or officials at construction management agencies at all levels.

- HR technical staff at construction materials and machinery manufacturers.

- Staff at real estate and financial agencies.

- Owning and operating their own companies.

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