Accounting (PSU)

The PSU International-Standard Auditing program at DTU



Accounting and auditing are indispensable for all organizations and businesses. Graduates of this major possess in-depth knowledge of accounting and auditing; are able to identify, analyze, and assess financial and sales activities; and have the knowledge necessary to work as assistant auditors or internal auditors. A key requirement of the major is that students thoroughly understand the accounting, finance, and tax regime regulated by the Ministry of Finance and other competent authorities. Graduates are able to work at businesses, international organizations, joint ventures, and foreign trade companies.

Chuyên ngành Kế toán Kiểm toán chuẩn PSU

Duration: 4 years


Training program


The PSU-standard major in Accounting and Auditing an advanced and international program that resulted from a collaboration between DTU and Pennsylvania State University, one of the five leading universities in economics and business administration education in the US (according to U.S. News 2017). Pennsylvania State University is one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in the US.


Students of programs in collaboration with PSU will enjoy an international-standard education right at home, use the most up-to-date documentation for their training, and be taught using the latest accounting (and auditing) education techniques. In particular, they will be exposed to expert lecturers, study in a serious environment, regularly train their English and debating skills, and train critical thinking skills that are familiar to students abroad.


Through this collaborative program, students will obtain from 18 to 24 course-completion certificates with international recognition. They can continue studying for a degree from PSU if their English level meets requirements, and they can continue with postgraduate studies at US universities or in other countries worldwide. The collaborative program of DTU and PSU is considered to have lower tuition fees than equivalent advanced programs at other universities in Vietnam. Graduates of this program at DTU can enter the regional and international labor market.


Working skills


+ Graduates competently perform accounting work

+ Analysis and assessment of production, sales, and financial situation

+ Informatics skills: working in an IT environment, work on a computer, and operate specialized accounting software

+ Teamwork: able to organize teamwork and to work independently

+ Communication: good communicator and able to give presentations, able to rapidly gather and process necessary information

+ Autonomously conducting research to solve issues arising in accounting and auditing work; engaging in self-study and self-training to improve knowledge and expertise.

+ Able to work in an environment of international integration


Career prospects

Graduates can work in the following fields:


In business:


- Corporate accounting

- Corporate planning and finance

- corporate accounting analysis

- Financial analysis and investment

- Internal auditing and international auditing

- Management

- Statistics department

In investment and finance

In public administration

- General accounting

- Financial planning

- Statistics

- Tax

- Town or commune budget

- Vocational schools


In management:


- Chief accountant

- Financial management

- State-level financial management

Academic Programs


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