Accounting & Auditing

Accounting & Auditing are essential in all companies, organizations and enterprises, since they contribute to financial activities. Hence, jobs related to this field are also diverse and highly stable. Hundreds of students enroll in Accounting & Auditing every year, confirming the position of this field in the current economy.
Chuyên ngành Kế toán Kiểm toán
Accounting & Auditing helps managers get an overview of the financial activities of their enterprises in order to set out appropriate strategies and business decisions, and it is also a power tool to manage the country’s economy. Since its nature goes from checking to evaluating financial reports and so on, an Auditor or Accountant can work in several fields including: information auditing, effective auditing, statutory auditing and performance auditing.
Duration: 4 years
Training program
The training program consists of 116 credits in:
- General subjects: General Informatics, Introduction to laws, Ho Chi Minh Thought, Calculus, English (Intermediate and Advanced)
- Specialized subjects: Accounting Principles, Financial Accounting, Internal Auditing, Management Accounting, Operation Auditing, Strategic Management…
- Internship
Working skills
- Specialist skills: To be able to perform in various types of enterprises, doing accounting or auditing well.
- English skill: To be able to communicate, to handle office work in English in an international working environment and to be fluent in specialized English.
- Computer skills: To be able to work in an information technology environment and to handle work on computers and specialized software.
- Other skills: To be able to work in team or individually, to communicate and present, to conduct research in order to solve potential problems and broaden one’s specialized knowledge and skills.
Career prospects
Graduates will be able to work as:
- Auditors at Vietnamese and international auditing companies; departments of internal auditing and control at many enterprises, banks and others; and the State Audit Office of Vietnam.
- Financial consultants, bank clerks, stockbrokers.
- Specialists in charge of accounting, auditing, banking transactions, taxation, treasurer and financial consultancy.  
- Stockbrokers, project managers, clerks.
- Researchers, lecturers, economic inspectors.
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