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Today, Nursing is one of the most important careers worldwide, particularly in the USA, Japan, Canada, and Germany and so on, as demand for health care specialists is growing. Nursing is considered to be an independent profession in the medical system, supporting doctors, pharmacists, technicians and others and provide a variety of health-care services.

The DTU Nursing Major - A Golden Opportunity


Like Medicine and Pharmacology, the Nursing major has contributed considerably to the improvement of local health-care. Nurses know their patients best, understand their needs and help the doctors find the best cure. This is why nurses are trained to be able to work independently but always in close collaboration with the doctors.

Master of Science Degree in Nursing


On August 17th, DTU signed an agreement with Fooyin University in Taiwan to offer a Master of Science degree in Nursing (MSN). Lecturers come from Fooyin University, DTU and from the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Hanoi Medical University.

General Nursing


According to experts in the field of Medicine, General Nursing is experiencing a severe lack of human resources while the demand for health care is rapidly increasing. As a result, graduates are likely to find good jobs at many medical centers, national and worldwide. Enrolling in General Nursing, students will learn and enhance the skills of health care, medical check, prescription and doing professional work from first treatment to the rehabilitation of patients.

The Faculty of Nursing


In 2009, the Ministry of Education and Training authorized DTU to offer a university level Bachelor of Nursing degree as part of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. As enrollment increased, the Faculty of Nursing was split off in November 2013 and began to offer a General Nursing major. Up to now, the faculty has graduated one thousand Bachelors of General Nursing and many now hold important positions in medical facilities in Danang and elsewhere.

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General Overview

General Overview

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South Hoa Khanh Precinct- Lien Chieu District- Danang City

South Hoa Khanh Precinct- Lien Chieu District- Danang City

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Sustained efforts to expand partnerships with national and international universities

Sustained efforts to expand partnerships with national and international ...

To further enhance quality of education to adapt to evolving social requirements, DTU has consistently improved its partnerships with ...

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