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Civil and Industrial Construction


The DTU e-learning Civil and Industrial Construction program applies the most advanced e-learning technology available anywhere in the world. The program is aimed at providing society with many construction engineers, making a significant contribution to the construction of large-scale and highly esthetic works for living and for production.



Accounting is the key to business effectiveness, crucial to providing the most accurate economic and financial information to make the critical decisions that ensure financial stability in companies.

English Language


English is the key to many attractive career opportunities for all, especially today, in the age of international integration, and the English language major has been attracting more and more students recently. In order to meet increasing requirements, DTU has extended enrollment in the eUniversity English language Bachelor’s degree program, enabling students throughout Vietnam to study anywhere at any time.

Economic Law


The demand for graduates of Economic Law is increasing in legal practices, business law, policy management, staff training, investment consulting, taxation and credit. DTU offers an eLearning Economic Law course to broaden study opportunities for students in the Central region and nationwide.

Finance & Banking


The Finance & Banking major provides teaches students about financial transaction services, currency administration and domestic and international payment instruments.

Information Technology


The DTU eUniversity Information Technology program applies the most advanced eLearning training technology in the world. The program provides basic knowledge and necessary skills in Information Technology. Besides, the program focuses on developing students personally and professionally.

The DTU Nursing Major - A Golden Opportunity


Like Medicine and Pharmacology, the Nursing major has contributed considerably to the improvement of local health-care. Nurses know their patients best, understand their needs and help the doctors find the best cure. This is why nurses are trained to be able to work independently but always in close collaboration with the doctors.

DTU Researchers Win First Prize in IT at Viet Nam Talent Awards 2017


At the Viet Nam Talent Awards 2017 held at Hanoi's Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Labour Cultural Palace on November 16th, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc awarded the only first prize in IT category for the application entitled “Using 3D Virtual Reality Technology to Simulate the Human body for Health science Education and Research” developed by DTU researchers.

Master of Science Degree in Nursing


On August 17th, DTU signed an agreement with Fooyin University in Taiwan to offer a Master of Science degree in Nursing (MSN). Lecturers come from Fooyin University, DTU and from the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Hanoi Medical University.

DTU Students Champion National and International Contests


DTU is now highly-regarded as a university with substantial educational and research achievements, as well as for its talented students who have reached new academic heights with the many awards they have received in national and international competitions, such as the CDIO Academy, IDEERS, the Vietnam Talent Awards, and the Euréka Research Prize...

Molecular Biology Laboratory


Already when it was founded in December 2012, the Center for Molecular Biology (of the DTU Institute for Research and Development) has constructed a modern molecular biology laboratory with advanced and up-to-date equipment.

DTU Libraries


DTU currently has three libraries: Room 601 at the 3 Quang Trung campus, Room 607 at the Nguyen Van Linh campus, and at the Hoa Khanh Nam campus, with total surface area over 1,820 m². They offer about 55,000 printed titles and over 100,000 electronic records, theses, CDs, and specialized journals and magazines.

The DTU Bachelor Degree Linking and Second Degree Programs


Besides different majors and levels, from PhD programs, to Masters and Bachelor degree programs, to Vocational degrees, the e-learning program, DTU has offered a second Bachelor’s degree and Bachelor Degree Linking programs to broaden study opportunities for learners. Most students of linking program and second degree program already have full-time jobs, so the courses are relatively short in duration and students can study in the evenings, after work.

DTU offers a New Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program


The shortage of well-qualified personnel in health care area leads to unsustainable social development. In order to help increase health professionals in the Central Region, DTU gained the approval of the Ministry of Education and Training to offer a Doctor of Medicine program, starting in 2015.

DTU Is the First Private University to Meet National Education Quality Standards


In October 2016, DTU applied for quality accreditation from the Center for Education Accreditation of the Association of Vietnamese Universities and Colleges. After a thorough assessment, from November 29th to December 27th 2016, DTU met 52 of the 61 criteria

PSU Major in Tourism & Restaurant Operations Management


The Tourism and Restaurant Management major is the best choice for students who are devoted to culinary arts and plan to become managers in this field. They learn about food preparation and management skills in preparation for work in restaurants, at conferences, events and so on.

On Site Study Aboard at DTU


In addition to sending students to study abroad, DTU offers an economical American accredited degree in Vietnam through the On-Site Study-Abroad program with many renowned universities worldwide. Students don’t need to travel to America for study, by enrolling in American Degree Program (ADP) at DTU, they can obtain an American degree at home here in Danang.

Graphic Design


The rapid development of media and advertising in Vietnam has made Graphic Design one of the most attractive majors for young people, especially for those who are dynamic, passionate and creative. This is the major of applied art and students must combine creativity with graphic tools to develop impressive, eye-catching and meaningful visual messages.

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General Overview

General Overview

Duy Tan University is located in the heart of sunny Danang, on the Pacific Ocean. The university has steadily developed, sharing its ...

Research at DTU

Research at DTU

DTU has endeavored to link education and research in its mission to become a large, modern and reputable university. With noteworthy ...

The DTU Faculty Teams

Dedicated for 24 years to providing high quality education to the community, DTU has continually increased the quantity and quality of its ...

South Hoa Khanh Precinct- Lien Chieu District- Danang City

South Hoa Khanh Precinct- Lien Chieu District- Danang City

Officially opened in January 2011, this is the largest Duy Tan University campus, with an area of 33.977 sq.meters. The campus is about 1.5 ...

Sustained efforts to expand partnerships with national and international universities

Sustained efforts to expand partnerships with national and international ...

To further enhance quality of education to adapt to evolving social requirements, DTU has consistently improved its partnerships with ...

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